Guild of Independent Mortgage Advisers

We have independent mortgage advisers that cover all of the UK ready to give free advice on mortgages and remortgages.

Mortgage advice in the UK

Our independent mortgage advisers can help people in the UK with all types of mortgage advice.

The mortgage advice we provide is completely independent, so we’ll always put your interests first. We don’t favour any mortgage products or any mortgage lenders. We’ll only recommend the mortgage that we think will work best for you.

With the number of mortgage choices available - more than 22,000 different mortgages from more than 400 lenders - we can give you personalised, impartial mortgage advice for your specific needs, without obligation.

Where as if you walk into a bank or building society in the UK they can only recommend a mortgage they provide, in some cases this could only be around six or seven different options.

This is like wanting a new car and walking into a main Ford dealer in the UK and asking for a Ferrari.

Most of our customers in the UK consider changing their lender at the end of the fixed/discounted term to take advantage of a better mortgage rate for your home in the UK.

You can talk freely to our mortgage advisers about your mortgage requirements in the UK and there will be no charge for our advice.

If you have a CCJ or late payments on your mortgage we can still help. Just because you have had problems with credit in the past doesn’t mean that you cannot still get a good mortgage rate for your property in the UK.

At The Guild of Independent Mortgage Advisers we can help whatever your financial circumstances. We have a dedicated 'bad credit mortgages' team with specialist knowledge on providing mortgage solutions for clients in the UK that don't typically fit the traditional lender's criteria.

Our advisers are more than just mortgage experts we can source all your insurances in the UK including life assurance and buildings & contents.

Should you decide to proceed with our recommended mortgage your mortgage adviser covering the UK will deal with the lender, your solicitor and surveyor to cut the time taken to complete the mortgage process. You will receive regular progress updates from your adviser either in writing, by phone or email.

We have advisers and brokers that cover the area of the UK. we aim to ensure that working with us is an enjoyable and informative experience.

Although we give you the mortgage advice in the UK, you make the decisions. You decide the level of mortgage advice you want to receive and can cancel the process at any time without cost, penalty or obligation.

We can help with the following

  • Re mortgage advice in the UK
  • Secured loans in the UK
  • Mortgage on flats in the UK
  • Concrete buildings in the UK
  • Buy To Let mortgage in the UK
  • Shared ownership in the UK
  • Commercial mortgage in the UK
  • First time buyers mortgage
  • CCJ mortgage advice
  • Shared ownership mortgage
  • No proof of income
  • Self employed mortgage
  • Bad credit mortgage in the UK
  • Council Right To Buy in the UK
  • Free mortgage advice in the UK
  • Debt consolidation in the UK
  • Mortgage advisers in the UK
  • No obligation free quote from our mortgage brokers

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